Class 12 Live Physics Classes

Course Details - Classes will be taken by Hemant sir. Classes will be held twice a week. In addition to regular classes, some doubts classes will also be organized. 


Class Schedule

Classes are held twice a week and duration of each class varies from 1.5 hours to 2 hours

Classes timing

Monday    -    4.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Thursday  -    4.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Doubt classes are arranged on the basis of requirements and teacher and student availability.


14th Sept


17th Sept

Chapter 8:Electromagnetic Waves

8.1 Introduction


8.2 Displacement Current


8.3 Electromagnetic Waves


8.4 Electromagnetic Spectrum


21th Sept



24th Sept



28th Sept

Chapter 9:Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Reflection of Light by Spherical Mirrors

1st Oct

9.2 Reflection of Light by Spherical Mirrors


5th Oct

9.3 Refraction


8th Oct

9.3 Refraction


9.5 Refraction At Spherical Surfaces and By Lenses


12th Oct

9.3 Refraction


9.5 Refraction At Spherical Surfaces and By Lenses


15th Oct

9.4 Total Internal Reflection


9.6 Refraction through a Prism


19th Oct

9.7 Dispersion by a Prism


9.8 Some Natural Phenomena due to Sunlight


22nd Oct

9.9 Optical Instruments


26th Oct

9.9 Optical Instruments


29th Oct



2nd Nov



5th Nov



9th Nov

Chapter 10:Wave Optics

10.1 Introduction


10.2 Huygens Principle


10.3 Refraction and Reflection of Plane Waves using Huygens Principle


12th Nov

10.3 Refraction and Reflection of Plane Waves using Huygens Principle


10.4 Coherent and Incoherent Addition of Waves


10.5 Interference of Light Waves and Young’s Experiment


16th Nov

10.5 Interference of Light Waves and Young’s Experiment


10.6 Diffraction


10.7 Polarisation


19th Nov

10.6 Diffraction


10.7 Polarisation


23th Nov



26th Nov



30th Nov



3rd Dec

Chapter 11:Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

11.1 Introduction


11.2 Electron Emission


11.3 Photoelectric Effect


11.4 Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect


7th Dec

11.5 Photoelectric Effect and Wave Theory of Light


11.6 Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation: Energy Quantum of Radiation


11.7 Particle Nature of Light: The Photon


11.8 Wave Nature of Matter


11.9 Davisson and Germer Experiment


10th Dec



14th Dec



17th Dec



21th Dec

Chapter 12:Atoms

12.1 Introduction


12.2 Alpha-particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model of Atom


12.3 Atomic Spectra


24th Dec

12.3 Atomic Spectra


12.4 Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom


12.5 The Line Spectra of the Hydrogen Atom


28th Dec

12.6 DE Broglie’s Explanation of Bohr’s Second Postulate of Quantisation


31st Dec


4th Jan


7th Jan

Chapter 13: Nuclei

13.1 Introduction to Nuclei


13.2 Atomic Masses and Composition of Nucleus


13.3 Size of the Nucleus


13.4 Mass-Energy and Nuclear Binding Energy


11th Jan

13.5 Nuclear Force


13.6 Radioactivity


13.7 Nuclear Energy


14th Jan



18th Jan


21th Jan


25th Jan


28th Jan


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21st May

Gauss’s Law And Its Applications


Dielectrics and Polarisation


Capacitors and Capacitance


25th May

The Parallel Plate Capacitor


Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance


Combination of Capacitors


Energy Stored in a Capacitor


Van de Graaff Generator


28th May

Chapter 3: Current Electricity


3.1 Introduction to Current Electricity


3.2 Electric Current


3.3 Electric Current in Conductors

1st June

3.4 Ohm’s Law And Limitations of Ohm’s Law


3.5 Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity


3.6 Resistivity of Various Materials

4th June

3.7 Temperature Dependence of Resistivity


3.8 Electrical Energy, Power


3.9 Combination of Resistors-Series and Parallel

8th June

3.10 Cells, emf, Internal Resistance


3.11 Cells in Series and in Parallel


3.12 Kirchhoff’s Rules

11th June

3.13 Wheatstone Bridge


3.14 Meter Bridge


3.15 Potentiometer

15th June



18th June



22nd June


25th June

Chapter 4:Moving Charges and Magnetism


4.1 Introduction


4.2 Magnetic Force

29th June

4.3 Motion in a Magnetic Field


4.4 Motion in Combined Electric and Magnetic Fields


2nd July

4.5 Magnetic Field due to a Current Element, Biot-Savart Law


4.6 Magnetic Field on the Axis of a Circular Current Loop


6th July

4.7 Ampere’s Circuital Law


4.8 The Solenoid and the Toroid


9th July

4.9 Force between Two Parallel Currents, the Ampere


4.10 Torque on Current Loop, Magnetic Dipole


4.11 The Moving Coil Galvanometer


13th July

Chapter 5:Magnetism and Matter


5.1 Introduction


5.2 The Bar Magnet


5.3 Magnetism and Gauss’s Law


5.4 The Earth’s Magnetism


16th July

5.5 Magnetisation and Magnetic Intensity


5.6 Magnetic Properties of Materials


5.7 Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets


20th July



23rd July



27th July



30th July



3rd Aug

Chapter 6:Electromagnetic Induction


6.1 Introduction


6.2 The Experiments of Faraday and Henry


6.3 Magnetic Flux


6.4 Faraday’s Law of Induction


6.5 Lenz’s Law and Conservation of Energy


6th Aug

6.6 Motional Electromotive Force


6.7 Energy Consideration: A Quantitative Study


6.8 Eddy Currents


6.9 Inductance


6.10 AC Generator


10th Aug



13th Aug



17th Aug



20th Aug

Chapter 7:Alternating Current

7.1 Introduction



24th Aug



27th Aug

7.2 AC Voltage Applied to a Resistor

7.3 Representation of AC Current and Voltage by Rotating Vectors-Phasors


31st Aug

7.4 AC Voltage Applied to an Inductor

7.5 AC Voltage Applied to a Capacitor

7.6 AC Voltage Applied to a Series LCR Circuit

3rd Sept

7.7 Power in AC Circuit: The Power Factor

7.8 LC Oscillations


7.9 Transformers


7th Sept


10th Sept



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